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Mô tả của Loner

**One game that makes you feel lonely and peaceful.**

'Loneliness is a kind of beauty, a quiet experience.'

LONER is a very simple game, no attributes, no upgrade, or even no score, what it wants to bring you, is only purely tranquillity and loneliness.

LONER tells the story of a lonely journey of a pilot, in the journey, you would understand his past and his pursuit.


**Unique Game Mode

It has two modes of operation, two-hand-sliding and gravity sensing, the unique design brings a deeper sense of immersion.

**Very Simple but Various Pictures

There is no complicated shape and brilliant appearance, but you would set foot on a different kind of color trip.

**The Right Original Music

Several sad, or quiet background music makes you completely immerse in the game.

**Random and Rich Barriers

Level barriers are completely random and there is the strong vs strong level. It takes the different levels of players into account; obstacles are based on the music beat, which deepen your inner resonance.

Director Profile

Before making LONER, I was a game programmer, and really wanted to make a game with my own style. The original idea is to make a 3D version "Flappy Bird" with a different perspective, but in the production process, I suddenly found that the game has a quiet loneliness: A plane flies slowly alone in the dark channel by passing one after another obstacle, but seems never reach the end of channel, which is slight shiny in the distance. In the influence of some literary and artistic works, I have been very interested in loneliness, and there are rarely games which express mainly the lonely sense in the market, so that the game topic is decided as this.

As a programmer who begins to learn art, I understand that to create roles and environment with rich details in short time is unrealistic, so I decide to pay a tribute to the art style of the "2001: A Space Odyssey”, and this style features "Loner" that the entire scene tones can be arbitrarily transformed.

BGM List


2.Sea Sand






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APK information about Loner

APK Version 1.4.1
Khả năng tương thích Android 4.0.1+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Lập trình viên Kunpo Games
Chính sách riêng tư http://kunpo.cc/?page_id=306

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